Headshy was conceived as a kind of intermediary between Spotty Dog and Secret Safari. Spotty Dog has been putting out various rock-oriented type things by Palmerston Northerners since 1994, and Secret Safari made its entrance into the world of noisy improv in 1998, so Headshy kind of fits in the middle there as a vehicle for things that aren't really rock but aren't really improv either. It's for music which experiments with sound, texture and form, but doesn't necessarily avoid rhythm, melody or structure.

Headshy began life in New Zealand, and (so far) the catalogue features all New Zealand artists. In early 2001 Headshy moved across the Tasman and is now based in Melbourne, Australia.

All records are lathe-cut by Mr Peter King of King Records, and those still available can be obtained by sending an email to Teledu Records.


The Catalogue

Universal Joint 8" #8

Universal Joint
This is the debut release from the geographically diverse duo of Elise Bishop (Palmerston North/Wanganui/Melbourne) and Sarah Bingle (Levin/Palmerston North) - a lo-fi, laidback blend of guitar, cornet, drums and bass.
Side 1:   Social Grind / Double Edged Knife
Side 2:   Mushroom / Slightly Overcast
Edition of 27.
Pumice Weird Crab Holy Soldier 7" #7

Pumice: Weird Crab Holy Soldier
The Dunedin-based, currently globetrotting Stefan Neville combines tonkly piano with acoustic guitar and a variety of other sounds into three enchanting songs, ranging in mood from the reflective title track to the aptly-named Coquettish.
Side 1:   Weird Crab Holy Soldier
Side 2:   Goon Gong / Coquettish
Edition of 62.
Negative Eh Oceanography 8" #6

Wellington trio Negative Eh embark on a voyage over gentle waves of feedback, sailing on a fair easterly drumbeat, encountering remote islands of fuzz. With appropriately transparent packaging.
Side 1:   Oceanus Britanicus
Side 2:   Mare Glacial
Edition of 82.
Log Store Baring Head 8" #5

All instrumentals this time ... subtle, sleepy simplicity, draining away to a unique locked groove on one side.
Side 1:   Jet Raga / 2 Elec Gtr #1
Side 2:   Ac Gtr #1 / All Quiet On Howth Now
Edition of 42.
Trough Depressor 8" #4

Andrew Carey and Regan O'Brien (both ex-Livids) follow up their Spotty Dog 7" with two droney guitar/drum instrumentals and a jaunty piano duet.
"Crossing the land, a great grey synoptic van, reaching for the east with cumulonimbus hands."
Side 1:   Depressor / Rickety Old Pump
Side 2:   Maharahara
Edition of 56.

"Gorgeous, unusual melodic instrumentals from two Palmerston North cousins. Features guitar, drums, noise and piano" - Crawlspace

"Sonic free rock, or space movement" - Freedom From
The Longshoremen 7" #3

The dreamy debut from a Wellington duo who are your guides on a trip through a land made of cotton wool and glass.
Side 1:   Morphine / Parasol Fraternity
Side 2:   Blowing Glass
Edition of 34.
Log Store Every Mother Should Know 7" #2

This debut release from a Wellington solo artist features four almost-instrumentals, combining slow-rolling loops with gliding guitar melodies.
Side 1:   Dirty Pool / Ac Gtr #2
Side 2:   Animat / Bass (Chimnon) #1
Edition of 32. Out of print.
Noctuary Four Steps to Successful Kite Flying 8" #1

Not the black metal band.
Side 1:   Citycircle / A Story About An Impossibly Huge Killer Feral Pig / Ecolalia
Side 2:   Gate, House, Street / Loopfrog / Sticky / Organism / Bellydoctor
Edition of 27. Out of print.


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