hth 001 HN/SB Music SPLIT 7"
hth 002  Oistraka  7"EP
hth 003  Hiatus  Play Some Real Music CASSETTE
hth 004  Hiatus  Live at the High Street Project CASSETTE
hth 005  Montessouri  Scarlet Fever (Part One) CASSETTE
hth 006  Witcyst / Nick Hodgson Argumentum ad hominem CASSETTE Also available with a different cover from Extemporanization, 233 Kamo Road, Whangarei. Also released with another different cover on the now defunct Bone Idle label.
hth 007  It's Good, Bad and Goddamn Ugly  CASSETTE
hth 008  Montessouri  The Default Mode CASSETTE
hth 009  The Dwindling Death Squads March on Titus CASSETTE
hth 010  Richard Neave Real Ugly LP Never released.
hth 011  Neave / Zarakov / Noonan / Preston Space Luxor CASSETTE
hth 012  Luxor Dance Ensemble CD Never released.
hth 013  Hiatus Zero Equals Infinity 7"
hth 014  Deface -------- CASSETTE
hth 015  Tony Valens and the Incisions All of the Greatest Hits of... CASSETTE
hth 016  Hi-Tone Destoyers Enter the Lair of the Black Flame  CASSETTE
hth 017  Charles Horn Philips 60w 230-240v Green CASSETTE
hth 018  CM Duo Three Improvisations CASSETTE
hth 019  CM Group Compositions CASSETTE
hth 020  no-one nothing PIECE OF PLASTIC
hth 021  various artists bwmolocoi 7"LP and CASSETTE Featured Peter Wright, Space Luxor, Hamish Noonan, Lynton Denovan, Benjamin Parsons, Luxor Dance Ensemble, the Air, Deface, Charles Horn, Hiatus, the Lost Found Sound, Oistraka, Nick Hodgson, Periscope, CM Trio, Danielle O’Halloran and Richard Neave.
hth 022  Benjamin Parsons Ocean Solid CASSETTE
hth 023  Charles Horn this has been done before CASSETTE
hth 024  Lisa Clement Trio Mommy Can I Go Play With Hannah CASSETTE
hth 025  Hiatus / Gang Wizard SPLIT 7" Co-released with Black Bean and Placenta.