7" $18 / $10
10" $15 / $18
LP $20 / $25
dble LP  $30 / $40
CD $20 / $23

Betley Welomes Careful Drivers (UK)
Archaic Braille "Ossification during Improvisation" LP
Monostadt 3 "Experiment 7.3" CD
John Clyde-Evans "528 Steps"
Three different takes on 'contemporary' sound. The A/Braille LP from a couple of years ago was a 1-off attack on a psyched Arkestra. The 7", a taster for a wonderful LP mentioned later and finally the CD unleashes Adris Hoyos and cohorts on a screech scrap search and destroy mission.

Drunken Fish (US)
Atman "The End of Philosophy" 7"
RH Band   "Third Order Parasitism" CD
"Paris NO Gesso" 10"
"First Tone" CD
Starfuckers "Ondine" 7"
Great US label continues to allow us mere mortals the chance to hear the unobtainable. The 7"s come from Poland and Italy respectively. Plus the latest available releases from 1 of the finest musical entities around. Mindnumbingly sublime electropulse constructions. The 10" was actually released on Gttjya.

Dry Leaf Discs (UK)
Klaus Canterbury and the Aces "Move With IT" 7"
DLD was the label set up to initially issue the first couple of Shadow Ring discs. This 7" is the last 'available' product of its existence. Essentially S/Ring versus Coffee.

High Tension House (NZ)
Christchurch Compilation 7"
Its proper name cannot be reproduced by my typewriter. But this is possibly the archetypal acetate release. Nice way to hear a whole bunch of atypical improv moves.

Fisheye (UK)
John Clyde-Evans "[For:ht/rp/j+s]" LP
I'd never heard of Mr Evans before this - his first solo LP. A massive dronescape created by real and not bowed instruments. Sups from the same cup as early R!!!S!!! - a real keeper.

Flying Saucer Attack
Rural Psychedelia CD
Distance CD
Land Beyond the Sun 7"
Large dose of FSA mark 1: 1st LP-US CD reish, "Distance" comp with those expensive first 3 7"s and a long gone 7" on Drag City.

Plate Lunch (GER)
Our Glassie Azoth CD
Plate Lunch is a new German label 'interested in all kinds of sound'. Amongst its first releases: Our Glassie Azoth produce feedback drenched drone chaos that flutters and filters into a transmutory experience.

Siltbreeze (US)
Ashtray Navigations "Use Copenhagen '69 Guitars and Park Drive Circular Effects Pedals Exclusively: LP
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments "Negative Guest List" 7"
Incomparable US label ... TJSA 7" dates from '94 and its wondrous punk swill pummel. Cross the Atlantic for the latest sound experience courtesy of BWCD, Ashtray Navigations conjour up a debut LP of atypical extendo psyche smeared skronk.

Swill Radio (US)
Idea Fire Company "The Fourth Dimension is Money" dble LP
IFCO are a duo who FE described as creating 'a lot of colour merging analog keyboard sound manipulation, slightly reminiscent of early Residents-like soundtrackery'.

Zabriske Point (US)
Sandra Bell "Angel" 7"
Blowhole   "NW/SW" 7"
"Guerilla Jazz" LP
"Free Metal" LP
G*Park   "Yack Pack" CD
"Geopod" CD
Incapacitants "As Loud As Possible" CD
Colorado based label that has maybe carried the albatross of Blowhole around its neck for a while. If there's anyone who's not heard that band - then you've a number of opportunities through this list. Though this shouldn't deter an examination of the rest of this label's roster. Especially when it's as fine as Ms Bell's heroin-soaked blues. G*Park (Swiss Marc Zeier, who has connections to the Schimpfluch label) aesthetically perfect musique concrete and the 'noise-crescendo blizzard' of Japan's Incapacitants.

Late Arrivals

Dworzec "Shore" 7"
no label (Aus)
Fine Aussie crew that takes all the right 90s shit, sticks it in a blender to generate an idiosyncratic individuality of overwhelming proportions.

Jilat "May" LP
(Jilat - UK)
First time I'd heard this high profile Englishman, via this his first LP. 15 minutes of electronic statis ecstasy.

Negative Eh "Where Ghosts Go To Die" 7"
(Blue Silver - NZ)
Latest installment from this trio seems them evolving into free- psyche territory on this limited lathe-cut release. Newest in a continuous line of NZ bands who may be the best in the world?

Various Artists "Asperando A Gogo" LP
(Styrophon - Germany)
Semi-legit bootleg of Kraut no-wave rarities circa early '80s. Contains such household names as Frieder Botzmann, Christina Hahn (to be in cunny rock goddesses Malaria) and connections to Ralf Webowsky. A real eye opener.

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