All artists are from Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Currently available Spotty Dog releases
Trough Pukemymoremore 8" $11 19 spots
Trough - Pukemymoremore The final installment from their 1998 recording session. Cousins Regan and Andrew let some guitar & drum instrumentals loose. Edition of 28 on lathe cut acetate.
The Ashvins S/T CD $25 18 spots
The Ashvins - S/T Posthumous collection comprised of the final studio recording session, 3 tracks that were only ever recorded live and a bunch of older material that is previously unreleased on CD. Edition of 12 CD-Rs.
Cancer Maidens Insects of Sound CD $20 17 spots
Cancer Maidens - Insects of Sound Debut album from a three-piece comprised of members from Foisemaster, Shoeshine, Fusion Refugees, Serotonin and Snus. Edition of 100 CD-Rs co-released with Lizard Mull.
The Livids 5 Amp Fuse Wire LP $17 / Tape $10 14 spots
The Livids - 5 Amp Fuse Wire The Livids - 5 Amp Fuse Wire 11 tracks released mid '97, just prior to breaking up.
LP is lathe-cut acetate in an edition of 50, two left.
The Livids Oroua Downs CD $15 11 spots
The Livids - Oroua Downs 9 tracks of angular pop on their debut album from '96.
V/A Hard of Hearing no.3 Tape $7 09 spots
Hard of Hearing 3 Dog Tooth Violet / Paranymph / Vortex Victims.
12 tracks from now-dead bands. Garage-punk, spooky pop and fucked up 4 track weirdness. Edition of 100 released in October '95. Few left.
The Next Big Thing For Today Tape $3 07 spots
The Next Big Thing - For Today Six folk pop tracks from '95.
Shoeshine / The Ashvins Wide Load : Heavy Load CD $9 05 spots
Shoeshine/Ashvins - Wide Load/Heavy Load Mid '95 split release from 2 bands which are no more. 8 tracks of Shoeshine's wide load, 7 heavy from The Ashvins (4 remixes from the Spanning the Bowl 7"), with a bonus track from Christchurch's Whitey Hiss in the middle.
V/A Hard Of Hearing no.1 Tape $7 01 spots
Hard of Hearing 1 Featuring Blunt / The Livids / Rake.
17 tracks of bluesy bile, angular pop and loose punk from these now-defunct bands. Edition of 150 released August '94, a handful left.

Out-of-print Spotty Dog releases
Trough Sturdy 7" $10 16 spots
Trough - Sturdy The debut from the ex-Livids duo of Andrew Carey and Regan O'Brien. The first track races along in fits and starts, while the other two songs have a slightly less frenetic pace. Edition of 27 lathe cut acetate discs.
Stuff Stuff-titled CD-R 13 spots
Stuff - Stuff It Up Live recording of a fifteen minute performance in February '98 by a one-off line-up featuring members of The Ashvins, Dog Tooth Violet and Polio. Yeah OK, so it's got a different catalogue number on the CD, but uh, we're superstitious - it's definitely not cos we messed up the catalogue numbering, OK? Edition of 10 CD-Rs.
Meat Market S/T LP 15 spots
Meat Market - S/T Roughly 20 lathe-cut acetate discs released late 1997.
Dog Tooth Violet Blah Blah Baby Blah Blah 7" 12 spots
Dog Tooth Violet - Blah Blah Baby Blah Blah 2 lathe-cut tracks of posthumous punk rock.
Edition of 50 released mid '96.
Vortex Victims Willy Willy and the Gobermouche Tape 10 spots
Vortex Victims - Willy-Willy and the Gobemouche 14 tracks from oddballs hiding out with a 4-track. Released late '95.
Rhonda K. From the Test Site Book 08 spots
Rhonda K. - From the Test Site Off-white verse (watch out for loose pages).
Meat Market Dial 'M' for Meat Market 7" 06 spots
Meat Market - Dial M for Meat Market 4 lathe-cut tracks plus kittens and puppies.
Edition of 50 released in '95.
The Ashvins Spanning the Bowl 7" 04 spots
The Ashvins - Spanning The Bowl 4 tracks of lathe-cut punk-rock. Edition of 75 released in '95.
V/A Hard of Hearing no.2 Tape 03 spots
Hard of Hearing 2 The Ashvins / Foisemaster / Meat Market.
12 tracks of pop-punk, drug music and strange women songs.
Released late '94 in an edition of 100.
Andrea Herrick Don't Hit The Hippy! Book 02 spots
Andrea Herrick - Don't Hit The Hippy! Poetry.

Other releases by Spotty Dog artists
V/A God Save the Clean CD Flying Nun
  1997 tribute to the Clean featuring a cover of 'On Again/Off Again' by The Livids.
V/A The Valve Experiment : Radio Zero CD $14 Yellow Bike
  10 year retrospective of Palmy music released in '97. Includes The Ashvins, Dog Tooth Violet, Foisemaster, Livids, Meat Market, Rake, Blunt. Comes with 108 page zine.
V/A Kitsch 'n' Sync CD $12 Nihilator
  Mid '95 US compilation featuring one track each from The Livids, The Ashvins and Meat Market.
The Livids Cheviot 7" $9 Cabbage Tree
  Lathe-cut in 1995 on mastering vinyl at Himatangi Beach.
Edition of 50. Couple left.
V/A Valve 7 : Device Was Too Fleshy CD $18 Yellow Bike
  19 track NZ compilation including Rhonda K.. Comes with 100 page zine.
V/A The Valve Thing 7" Yellow Bike
  4 track compilation from 1994 which came with a 36 page zine. One track each from Meat Market, The Ashvins, Blunt and Froithead. They're long gone, but we have copies without the zine - e-mail us direct for this.
V/A Manifestation VII CD $12 Awefull
  7 band Texan compilation from '94 which features Meat Market's first released material as well as Palmy band Froithead.
Rake When Your Duff is Cold... and Your Belly is Empty 7" $3 Yellow Bike
  4 tracks from '93. Spleen tearing stuff, apparently.
V/A Pseudopodia CD $20 Yellow Bike
  Four band compilation from '92. Over quarter of an hour each from Rake, Froithead, Sausage Roll and Ethiopian Lard Farmers.
V/A Dynamite Groove CD $20 Yellow Bike
  18 tracks from Palmy bands in 1991. 12 bands including two tracks from Rake.


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