a.h jones (su004):The follow up release for this Auckland based experimental artist. Picks up from where bastille left off, venturing further into the darker recesses of ambient electronic music.
-gis a jack? (all files 64kBs MP3)
drin (Trk 2 14:59) 6.8MB
tirre (Trk 4 8:29) 3.9MB

ANSI i wish you would all just fuck off...(su003):Haunting improvised soundscapes of dueling bass and guitar with brief smatterings of samples thrown in at just the right moments. Features Simon Clough, (Bass) and Andrew Jones (Guitar and samples). (CD-R, $15, Limited 25)
-can i have a bite? (all files 64kBs MP3)
movement II (Trk 2 9:54) 4.5MB
movement IV(Trk 4 3:25) 1.5MB

PASICA we all left here (su002):Recorded in one night during November 1998 in Palmerston North, New Zealand. A live to tape improvisation featuring Paul Hirst (Bass), Simon Clough (Tapes), and Carolyn Hicks (Bowed Bass). A delicious mix of improvised sounds, from dark drones to stuttered radio. A lovely album for that quiet night in. (CD-R, $15, Limited 25)
-with sugar? (all files 64kBs MP3)
Out at the Bunnythorpe junction (Trk 4 7:54) 3.6MB
Night on Polson hill (Trk 5 4:00) 1.8MB

a.h jones bastille (su001): This stunning debut release from Andrew Jones features ten tracks (over 70min) of beautiful sound sculptures. Tracks that will have you one moment in fear, and the next in tears. A wonderfully composed and balanced album, written and produced from his home in Auckland, New Zealand. (CD-R, $15, Limited 25)
-wanna listen? (all files 64kBs MP3)
Vre ann (Trk 3 8:57) 4.1MB
Die Sonne im licht (Trk 5 9:32) 4.4MB
Leb stil (Trk 8 3:24) 1.6MB